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How many dollars of revenue does it take to pay for one day of operating expense? How can your company ensure that commitments on sales are met and billing of the customer commences on time? Revenue and Profit are the drivers of the business. All other functions are designed to keep or “Protect” as much of the revenue as possible.

Revenue protection can be categorized as administrative processes, technical efficiencies, and equipment optimization. Anything that reduces the cost of operations and ensures that the day to day execution of the core business is not interrupted protects the revenue. AgilNetworks can assist your company in designing recovery plans, management tracking capabilities and process efficiencies to help optimize the work that must be performed to deliver product, on time and in a consistent manner.

Business Continuity

If your network survives a catastrophic event, will anyone be there to use it? Can your company afford to be out of business days on end? Business continuity planning focuses on the core business and how you will get up and running in the event of a major disruptive event.

AgilNetworks Executive leadership has prepared several detailed Business Continuity plans for top fortune 500 companies. We can assist your company in its preparation and execution of these plans using the templates we have developed over the years. As an example:

The Operations Recovery Unit is responsible for the planning and execution of recovery efforts in support of the Company’s physical inside and outside plant assets, site mechanical and electrical systems and the transport layer which carries voice and data communications Node-to-Node. This would not include the procurement of a temporary or a new location to replace a demised location.

The Corporate Communications Unit is responsible for the Company’s data systems, e-mail, and voice communications networks, applications and for ensuring that vital records are both backed up and stored at an off-site location.

The Business Recovery Unit is responsible for planning for the Company’s restoration of all other aspects of the operation. This includes finding a place to relocate staff, recover paper and other non-electronic media and vital records, assigning personnel, salvaging and restoring facilities, providing supplies and other supporting services.

The Special Operations Recovery Unit is a team, which would normally address any unique operational requirements. This could include restoration of special services, location of unique equipment requiring specialized knowledge or facilities for recovery, temporary location for special customers, etc.

Disaster Recovery

AgilNetworks employs engineers that are industry recognized experts, experienced with the design and execution of disaster recovery plans specific to telecommunication needs. These experts will interview all user groups within the customer’s organization to define risks, concerns and needs. The engineer will then lead a team to design a plan in conjunction with the customer representatives responsible to ensure business continuity. The plan will be implemented and tested quarterly.

Network Availability

Users care about availability. Is the service ready for use when they want it? As a network manager, you are responsible for ensuring the service is always ready for the user. The only certain way to measure network availability is through user satisfaction. Moves, upgrades, maintenance and outages all impact the user’s perception. These activities must be well planned and managed closely to alleviate or minimize down time.

At the most basic level, cost dictates both reliability and availability. Network design can significantly improve availability and lower cost. The AgilNetworks Engineering team has on average, 20 years of experience in designing networks and balancing cost. It is an Art. But, just as important to availability is planning. The AgilNetworks Operational team can assist in developing change control processes and cutover plans that will protect the network and minimize outages.

Traffic Management

Unless you have a traffic engineer trained by the big three US carriers, traffic shaping, traffic engineering, congestion, flow control and rerouting may be nothing more than buzz words. But the reality is that as networks converge and priorities on traffic are assigned, the art of traffic management becomes more complex not simpler. Many of the capacity planning and network loading issues once unique to the carrier are now issues within enterprise networks.

AgilNetworks has the expertise and experience to review your current network configurations, model your existing traffic patterns and recommend strategies. It is very important to know how to route your traffic in times of crisis, which traffic will maintain priority, and what routes will overload. AgilNetworks engineers can help preplan actions to alleviate the shut down of the entire network.

Billing Operations

Billing your customers and processing their payments - timely and accurately, is the very foundation of your company's cash flow. Whether you perform these transactions in-house, or through another outsourced provider efficiency and accuracy is fundamental. What are the controls in place to ensure all CDR’s have been recovered prior to rating? Is the pricing matrix up to date? Have routing changes been properly incorporated into the rating files?

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