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AgilNetworks will review all carrier agreements as well as a customer’s network design and utilization. Agil will leverage buying power and maximize efficiencies within the customer’s network. In 80% of customer projects worked by Agil, we have decreased network spend by more than 15%.
Circuit Audits

This is an enhanced service being sold by AgilNetworks to assist customers in organizing and maintaining circuit inventory. This function is critical to establishing a baseline for the customer’s existing network. It is essential that this process be performed prior to any attempts to optimize network resources or renegotiate with the customer’s vendors.

Network Optimization

Network access usually accounts for 80% of the cost of a network facility. Without effective planning and aggregation, facilities can become a primary cost to your network. With the onslaught of MPLS and IP technologies, networks can be merged and optimized to flatten peak utilization periods and more efficiently utilize existing bandwidth. At the same time idle network resources represent cost. Provisioning for the future too soon can be a costly error. The ability to utilize every available bit of your network can save large dollars in monthly recurring charges.

Agil engineers are certified by multiple industry standards organizations. They are experts in IP network design, including virtual private network applications. They also maintain expert knowledge on IP based services such as VOIP. Agil is also skilled in more traditional service offerings such as ATM, Frame and traditional TDM protocols. Agil engineers are skilled in managing traffic, routing, capacity planning and access. AgilNetworks will work with customer engineers to define user requirements and design an efficient, state of the art, network which will meet the customer's needs and budget.

Inventory Management

This is an ongoing service which includes active circuit identification, alignment of customer records, completion of inventory database, infrastructure recommendation, implementation and recurring database updates.


We live in a world where acquisitions and mergers continue in an effort to optimize operational efficiencies. Often the data center manager is asked to evaluate personnel, systems and networks. The goal of the evaluation is consolidation and cost savings.

The AgilNetworks executive team has provided guidance on several fortune 500 mergers. We will utilize our experience and unbiased position as an evaluator to make the hard recommendations for you. Agil will analyze systems and personnel, recommending efficient and cost saving consolidation strategies.