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About AgilNetworks

AgilNetworks provides a single vendor solution for managing all aspects of a customerís telecommunication needs. These needs include design, security, planning and the day to day management of the network. The suite of services offered by AgilNetworks enables the customer to deploy internal resources more effectively, and take advantage of Agilís performance guarantees and improved cost efficiencies.

Agil engineers are certified by multiple industry standards organizations, they are experts in IP network design including virtual private network applications. We also maintain expert knowledge on IP based services such as VOIP. Agil is also skilled in more traditional service offerings such as ATM, Frame and traditional TDM protocols. Agil engineers are skilled in managing traffic, routing, capacity planning and access. AgilNetworks will work with customer engineers to define user requirements and design an efficient, state of the art, network which will meet the customerís needs and budget.

AgilNetworks has assembled an experienced team of professionals from within the telecommunications industry. This leadership team illustrated their entrepreneurial spirit through past ventures, and successes. They have held key management positions within the top fortune 50 companies and have performed at the highest level of excellence. This diverse team of executives has a proven track record, the entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills and drive required to ensure success.